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well, i finally saw episode III, and i have to say i'm slightly disappointed. it was far better, in my opinion, than episodes I and II, but not nearly as good as it could have or should have been. there were far to many stupid attempts at humor and too much cheesy dialogue for it to be a truly good movie. the computer "assisted" lightsaber fights were more extreme, but less realistic than before. luckily, jar jar only had two appearances that i remember, and he never talked.

final verdict: worth watching. i wouldn't pay for it more than once, though (twice if you count the dvd). george lucas has redeemed himself for one of the first two episodes, but not for both. since i'm in a generous mood, i'll even let him decide which one gets to be redeemed.



my intorweb works again.

on that note, the word of the day is skellington. which actually doesn't appear in this strip, but oh well. its in there somewhere.


my intorweb is broken

so postings will be infrequent for the next several days, at least. in fact, there probably won't be anything more until at least friday. we'll see.

"Never give up, never surrender!" --Commander Taggert


i <3 my (former) roommate

i used to think i was a huge nerd. then, he showed me this. i think it means i'm just a "normal" nerd.



either my computer hates the internet, or the internet hates my computer. hopefully that will be fixed in the next several days.

on that note, i really want one of these.

still alive

i think. i'm getting over a pretty nasty cold right now, said cold being part of the reason i haven't been updating. i do plan on keeping up with this blog, but not as regularly as usual. definitely a few times a week at least, though.

on that note, tomorrow is the declaration of the bab, a baha'i holiday.


happy armed forces day

find a soldier and thank them for keeping this country, and others around the work, free.

this may end up double-posted, because either my computer or blogger was having problems. or maybe both. if so, oh well... have an even happier armed forces day. especially those of you in the armed forces. thank you.


it is done

for now, at least. as of around 17:00 PST yesterday, when i was handed a nice little case to put my diploma in, i am done with college. grad school will happen at some point, but for now i'm taking some time off, and hopefully making some money to pay back student loans.

on that note, or maybe one that's totally unrelated, mark steyn rocks. (h/t powerline)


oh, the hypocrisy

PETA kills animals

h/t conservative dialysis

end the flibuster!

Patriot Petitions

and i'm spent

which is fairly good timing, because i am definitely done. finished my last final at about 10 this morning. it kind of sucked. we had to write about what the different paradigms of IPE (such as rational choice, liberal, feminist, structuralist, mercantilist, etc.) would view porn. it was interesting, to say the least. but it's done now. and i think i'll get at least a B in that class, so i'm happy. the end for now.


more pleasant thoughts

just got this from the new college republicans state president and thought it was pretty funny.

Gregiore gets "punk'd"

disturbing thought of the day

geriatric porn. it's out there.


what are the odds?

every time i think i'm done with quizzes, somebody--in this case emily--pulls out another one. which means that i'm doing those instead of homework. oh well. i'd be doing something other than homework anyways... she just made my job easier.

Your Political Profile

Overall: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

Social Issues: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

Personal Responsibility: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

Fiscal Issues: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

Ethics: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

Defense and Crime: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

on that note, you should all go pay pat's site a visit, and keep pestering him with comments until he updates again.



is a great ability. or random thing to do to the other group in a role-playing game. which is what we did last night. more on that later... i'm going to procrastinate now and watch more 24 with my roommate.



because of course, Hookah Fest 2005 is a much better way to spend my time than writing a paper that's due tomorrow.

like and don't like

i really like mark steyn. he's a british columnist who has a very humorous style of reporting the news, something i wish more american writers had. anyways, here's his latest article.

i really don't like writing papers.

crazy logic and weird dreams

"Teachers are either enthusiastic or unsuccessful. Teachers are not all unsuccessful. Therefore there are enthusiastic teachers." that statement can be expressed and proven in symbolic logic as follows, using Tx to represent Teachers, Ex to represent Enthusiastic, and Ux to represent Unsuccessful; also, pretend that the 3 in (3x) is actually a backwards "E", and that the greater than symbol is more of a horse shoe:
1. (x) [Tx > (Ex v Ux)]
2. (3x) (Tx * ~Ux) / (3x) (Tx * Ex)
3. Ta * ~Ua 2 Existential Instantiation
4. Ta > (Ea v Ua) 1 Universal Instantiation
5. Ta 3 Simplification
6. ~Ua * Ta 3 Commutation
7. ~Ua 6 Simp.
8. Ea v Ua 4, 5 Modus Ponens
9. Ua v Ea 8 Comm.
10. Ea 9, 7 Disjunctive Syllogism
11. Ta * Ea 5, 10 Conjunction
12. (3x) (Tx * Ex) 11 Existential Generalization

fun stuff, eh? and that's one of the shorter ones... one of the homework problems is supposed to take 26 steps.

on that note, i had a very strange dream last night. have you ever had one of those dreams where you're at a location you know, only not really? for example, you're your house, but everything about it is different? i definitely had one of those last night. i don't remember the whole thing, unfortunately, because it was fairly interesting. it took place at whitworth (only it wasn't really whitworth), in Mac and BJ (only they weren't really Mac and BJ) and the space between it (not real either). and it involved several characters from the show "boy meets world", and some other people that i knew but don't remember now. and i didn't even have anything weird to eat.

also, a belated happy 21st birthday to ben tkach, a quality individual, and to my mother, whose age shall remain unspecified.


hooray for hookahs

they are fun. especially when used in conjunction with either apple or pomegranate tobacco. which taste really good. one of the guys from security came down to hassle us, but once we had established that what we were smoking was, in fact, tobacco, he told us a story about how he had lived in seattle for six years. i'm not entirely sure of the significance of that, if there is any. and now it's time to brush my teeth and go to bed, so i can get up and do homework tomorrow.

the end.