ow. just... ow.

this is why you never, ever, under any circumstances whatsoever, keep a gun tucked into your pants.


weird ad

this is probably one of the strangest things i have ever seen (warning: buttocks briefly involved).


miscellaneous bits and pieces

1) what an idiot
2) sweet fancy moses! this stuff is awesome.
3) this stuff? not so awesome. unless you're an illegal immigrant, of course.
4) ted kennedy will probably die peacefully in his sleep (or of alcohol poisoning), unlike the passenger in his car.


i could have told you that

this just goes to prove what we all knew already: weather forecasters are not exactly what we like to call "accurate."

h/t dave barry


who knew?

it's things like this that make me really look forward to becoming a medieval historian: underwear spreads literacy.


random thoughts

1) moths are attracted to light; so do they ever try flying at the sun or moon?
2) venom was incredibly emo. i would not have expected that.
3) sweet + creepy = sweepy
4) shocks are still surprising, even when you know they're coming.



some people, like me, work at a bank. other people, like this guy, mist topless women to keep them cool.

Happy Birthday!

To my favorite country, America... 231 years and still going strong.