george bush: definitely my president

and i'm very glad that he is. i mean, look how he stacked up against the competition.


hollywood's turn to disappoint

or maybe my roommate's turn, since he recommended the movies. first it was AVP, which i think i already complained about. and then tonight i watched Van Helsing, which was, in my opinion, a pretty crappy movie. it was the film version of a mixed metaphor, throwing everything from the frankenstein monster to werewolves to dr. jeckel/mr. hyde at the audience, along with a very odd, not-quite-fruity dracula. by the end, i was of the opinion that the only things that made it worth watching were kate beckinsale and the crazy friar, both pictured below.

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in totally unrelated news, a friend showed me this picture, and i thought it was hilarious:

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and now, as usual, i'm off to work on a paper that i should have been done with awhile ago. g'night all.

horrible person, part 2

alright, the japanese have redeemed themselves! well, mostly. they did so with the help of this film, which i am probably a horrible person for liking. but it was awesome.


what just happened?

the japanese will never cease to amaze me. first, it was godzilla, which was actually pretty cool. then they came out with these things, which are just plain weird. then, they went and made casshern. i had seen the trailer, and it looked pretty tight. and then i watched it. and wondered what had just happened to my mind. i'm still not entirely sure what it was about. there was a bunch of WTF mate, with a few freaking awesome fight scenes inserted into it. its probably worth watching once... after that, i just want to find a way to take all the cool fight scenes out and put them together. it will probably make about the same amount of sense.

in more positive news, i went to a jazz club the other night, and that was pretty sweet. especially considering that it happened on accident. i had just walked a friend across campus, and decided to stop by mac to see what pat was up to. when i got there, i ran into some other friends, who asked "are you coming?" i replied "what?" and they said "yes, you are." i said ok, pat showed up, we all piled into a car, and next thing i know we're in downtown spokane at a jazz club. it ruled. normally i don't listen to jazz music, but this place had a really great atmosphere and some cool music. if i ever remember the name of it, i'll recommend it.

in less positive news, i managed to get sick. i may be committing the fallacy of false cause, but i blame the cubans. on tuesday, i went out smoking with a friend, and the next day we both had nasty sore throats (and i didn't even inhale...) it just got worse from there. i think yesterday was the worst. i was drugged up pretty much all day, and i went through 5 or 6 cups of tea and nearly an entire box of kleenex. it's mainly just annoying, but it also makes it harder to think clearly, which really sucks when you're trying to do lots of reading and come up with a topic for a paper on mexican-American immigration. so i'm off to attempt to do that now

enjoy your weekend, avoid cubans like the plague, and be careful out there among them english.


jimmy carter gets pwn3d

by spoons, another one of those sites i don't read often enough.

i'm probably a horrible person for thinking this...

but i don't think that makes it any less true. today in my class on vietnam, we watched a video that included pictures of several buddhist monks lighting themselves on fire in protest of the diem regime. my first thought was "wow, that seems a bit drastic." my second thought, the one that might make me a horrible person, was "hmmm... that's kind of like they're practicing for hell." i'm as tolerant as the next guy (wait, no i'm not), but i think Jesus was serious when he said that nobody comes to the father except through Him. unless he changed his name to siddhartha gautama and moved to india, i'm fairly certain that buddhists aren't following Jesus.

ok forrest, you can start the bad christian comments now.

"Why do you hate me? Just because I say the f*ck word...." --that crazy coworker



bastard freaking rat. when i become president, i think i'm going to institute either a harsh torture or death penalty for people caught developing or distributing computer viruses. i'm sure people will shrug it off at first, like the RIAA's warning about music downloads, thinking it will never happen to them. but then it will; people will end up maimed or dead, and others will start paying attention. other than as an aspect of cyber-warfare against a nation that you're at war with, viruses are just plain gay.

on that note, i'm probably going to be incommunicado for awhile. i think i'm just going to disconnect myself from the internet until i get all this crap cleaned off of my computer. and who knows? maybe i'll be able to get more homework done without the world wide web distracting me. one can always hope.

ow. just... ow.

if my computer ever goes to jail, it will be ready for the experience. over the past several days now, it has been raped and ravaged by multiple problems... my virus detector is definitely getting its workout for the week.

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(click for bigger picture)

yeah. that was not cool.



my computer is officially ghetto. it keeps getting the same virus. it's deleted every time, but it keeps coming back. its even more stupid because it's coming back in spite of the new security thing (smart enforcer) the college made us all install. though it's probably just a coincidence, i blame it on smart enforcer. since the beginning of the year, when everybody's computers were being raped by viruses, i hadn't had a problem until after i installed smart enforcer.

so now i need to write a paper. on that note...
"... and you can kick my ass. I mean kiss my ass." -unnamed co-worker


one year later

without even noticing it, my blog turned one year old earlier this month. happy birthday to it! only 20 more years, and it will be old enough to go out and get drunk with some friends. if you're really bored, you should go back through the archives and read some of my early entries. and if you're drunk, they'll probably be even more entertaining. or something like that. later all.

"In capitalism, man exploits man. In socialism, it's the other way around." --Polish proverb

people taking care of themselves?

what a crazy idea. i'm too lazy to do much linking or reporting of my own, but powerline (here and in other posts) and probably michelle malkin, as well as several other sites, have stuff on bush's proposed changes to social security. the main thing that caught my eye is that the proposed personal investment account things are totally voluntary (scroll to the bottom).

there's probably someone i'm forgetting to credit here, but most of the people who actually read this read the same blogs i do, so it shouldn't be hard to find. if you're one of those people i'm forgetting to credit, let me know.


another quote

"Mozambique is no different from Greg." --Michael LeRoy


my heroes

at this point in time, are the members of the shiite sect of islam who were involved in this.

via the rott


i was just that bored...

I am nerdier than 37% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

What is your weird quotient? Click to find out!

what are the odds that there are that many people a) more nerdy and b) less weird than me? the tests must be flawed.

word of the day

the word of the day is "iraqification."

in other news, learning about marxism can be really fun when the professor has a good sense of humor. i can't remember the context, but somehow it came out that marriage is a contract-enforced form of permanent prostitution. i happen to disagree with that view (so does the prof, actually... i think marxism was just complaining about how so many things are viewed as contracts in capitalism), but it was a very entertaining moment.

"Personal retirement accounts should be familiar to [members of Congress], because you already have something similar, called the Thrift Savings Plan, which lets [you] deposit a portion of [your] paychecks into any of five different broadly-based investment funds. It's time to extend the same security, and choice, and ownership to young Americans." --President George W. Bush


addicting. as. hell.

which i think is a flawed statement, because anybody who has tasted hell will most likely not want to do so again. that whole eternal damnation thing just isn't all its cracked up to be.

anyways, the new drug of choice can be found here. i would recommend giving it a try, unless you've got other things to worry about--grades, a life, that sort of thing.



courtesy of the rott, who got it courtesy of someone else, is this hilarious tune. if you're looking to be entertained, you should go listen.


go virginia

this is just awesome.

thanks to wizbang for the heads up.


quote of the moment

"This reminds me, Professor: I wanted to ask when you stopped buggering your goats. I'll interpret any non-response as an admission you're still doing it."

go see it in context over here.

i didn't realize till now how much i missed the national review. its definitely going back into my regular reading category.

"It's an enduring mystery why one of the country's more marvelously efficient industries is so attached to the federal teat." --NRO columnist Rich Lowry, on farm subsidies


one more addiction

for the last week or so, i've been playing a freelancer mod called "the next generation." i've got a few complaints about the physics--like, my battleship bounces off of asteroids, while my heavy fighter plows right through them--but for the most part, i'm very happy with it. if you liked freelancer, this is a heck of a lot better, so i would recommend checking it out.

right now i'm flying a chaos fighter, which is pretty freaking ridiculous. as evidence, i submit the following picture:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

you may need a bigger shot to see what's going on, so go here. my ship is approximately 10M (meters, i think... i was actually bouncing off at one point) away from a red dwarf. i was going to try and end my run for the night by crashing into a sun (i had just saved, and i really needed sleep), but the ship took it like a champ. so i ended up shooting the sun with torpedos to blow myself up. that went a lot faster.

on that note, 8 o'clock classes suck, so i'm off to bed. later all.


it's about time

the media finally started taking a critical look at itself. thank God for people like Jack Kelly of the Toledo Blade, who does just that.

story via powerline


if you don't already, you can all feel normal now

wow. and this one actually earned a wow. head on over to the editorial page here and scroll down to the fourth email, the really long one that starts with "NONE OF THE PEOPLE IN HOLLYWOOD WAS COOL!" if you don't feel normal after reading that, i feel sorry for you.


freaky movie

if i'm not in class tomorrow (wednesday) its because my mind has been blown by the movie 'Salem's Lot, which was, as the title of the post suggests, incredibly freaky. don't watch it if you're squeamish. its not a gore fest like hannibal, but there are definitely some creepy, bloody moments. on the bright side, it has rutger hauer in it; and though he's getting pretty old now, he's still the man. and make sure to watch it during the day.

i'm going to have bad dreams for a month.