wow. it was actually really nice here today... almost 70 degrees this afternoon. and then it had to turn around and rain. stupid weather. it kept me from playing frisbee. but instead of doing homework--which the weather was perfect for--i just found other ways to procrastinate. of course.

do you ever feel like people are expecting too much out of you? cause that's how i feel right now. but it's mostly me expecting too much out of me. i know that i'm smarter than average. and even though i often have a sort of "good enough" attitude about work, i also tend to freak out at myself for not actually doing good enough. it's getting really discouraging. if any or all of you could throw up a prayer for me, that would be great.

on the bright side... well, all i really have to look forward to right now is my trip to britain in may. so we'll see what happens there.

hopefully it won't happen, but if i continue in this depressing style of updates, feel free to whack me upside the head. it's surprising how helpful something like that can be.


wow. i could have sworn i never clicked "submit your post" or whatever that first time. oh well. maybe if you're really tired, you won't notice that i accidentally posted the same update twice.

wow. i accomplished pretty much nothing today. unless watching about 6 hours of tv counts for something. that should hold me over till summer break, at least. and some of it was actually news. and while fox news may not be as "fair and balanced" as they claim, they do a hell of a lot better job than all those left-leaning media groups (nbc, abc, cbs, cnn, etc.).

ok, i think that's enough complaining for now. if you don't read Penny Arcade, you should. even if you're not into video games, the comics are hilarious.

give war a chance.

wow. i accomplished pretty much nothing today. unless watching about 6 hours of tv counts for something. that should hold me over till summer break, at least. and some of it was actually news. and while fox news may not be as "fair and balanced" as they claim, they do a hell of a lot better job than all those left-leaning media groups (nbc, abc, cbs, cnn, etc.).

ok, i think that's enough complaining for now. if you don't read Penny Arcade, you should. even if you're not into video games, the comics are hilarious.

give war a chance.


sorry i've been a little lax on the whole updating my blog thing. i'm home for spring break, so i'm not constantly in the same room (or town, for that matter) as my computer, which means i don't think about this as much. getting to see my friends at home is nice, but i almost would rather have stayed in the dorms, if they weren't closed. my friends here are busy enough that i have time to be bored, but un-busy enough that i'm not really getting anything productive (like working on one of my 3 research papers...) done. i miss my friends, i miss playing frisbee, i miss having a schedule where i actually did the homework i have to get done. the name says it all... i am a huge nerd. g'night all.


wow. sure, i don't speak japanese. and i don't read it either, so i don't know if this movie is even coming to america. but casshern--weird name, i know--definitely looks like a friggin awesome movie. if way more people read this than i think, and if one of you happens to speak japanese, let me know what's going on. either way, check it out, and prepare to either a) be awed; or b) think i am even more of a nerd for thinking the movie looks cool.

i'm home on spring break now, so i may or may not be updating regularly. i have a research paper that i should probably be working on, which you'll probably hear me complain about multiple times before the summer starts. for now though, i'm off to bed. remember: only you can prevent forest fires.


no real "news" today, but there is a really funny quote from dick cheney:

"I have some guidance on that from Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz: 'We have dispatched Dr. David Kay...to search for the bio-warfare agents we believe hidden in Senator Kerry's forehead. If Senator Kerry has used botox as part of a wrinkle enrichment program, he is in violation of UN Resolution 752. Upon receiving Dr. Kay's report, the weapons of mass destruction that Senator Kerry so adamantly insists do not exist...may well be above his very nose.'" --Dick Cheney when asked whether John Kerry has had Botox treaments


wow. this is definitely the slowest game of cribbage i have ever played. yes, i am playing cribbage at the same time as i'm writing this. well, i was. stupid internet connection. wow... there it goes again. hopefully it'll come back at some point so i can actually update.

yeah... this is officially gay. first, i got disconnected from my local network. now, i'm reconnected, but have no internet connection.

it's back! posting now... expect more later. or not.


yay for extra days off. on friday, our faculty here at good old whitworth decided they needed to develop themselves; since they were busy doing that, we had no class that day. and yet i still managed to wake up at 9, right on time for a morning run that i didn't do. go figure.

on the bright side, fantasy trip is going pretty well. yeah, you thought i'd stop talking about that, didn't you? ha! too bad. you either get to put up with it or scroll down. life as a vampire is going great... i am now officially a puppetmaster, being indiretly in charge of one of the great houses of the empire. i am a little irked, though... we found some really cool armor, but nobody can use it. it's paladin's armor, so i'm too evil, our other warrior is now a monk, our mage can't wear it if he wants to keep casting spells, and it doesn't fit our female member or the hobbits. oh well... at least it'll look nice in a display case somewhere.

on an even brighter side, spring break starts on friday. on the not so bright side, i have to skip my classes on friday, cause my ride is leaving early. and on what i would say is completely into the dark side, i'm going to have to spend a good chunk of spring break reading and taking notes for my research papers.

yeah, that's about it. midterm tomorrow, and 3 papers to write this week. life is good.


well, i lost a $5 investment today when my frisbee decided it would rather spend its time on the lower roof of cowles auditorium than the ground. stupid frisbee. it is recoverable, but it'll take multipe ninjas and the fall of night, since they kind of discourage rooftop ventures here.

on a brighter note, i caught my second virgin pinecone today. for those of you who don't go to whitworth--probably everybody--that probably doesn't make any sense, so don't worry about it. or compare it to something really cool at your college/highschool/parent's basement.


wow. apparently people are stupider than i thought. according to a recent poll, a majority of people think that the war in iraq has increased the threat of terrorism in the world. they obviosly haven't noticed that nearly all the attacks (excluding those by palestinians against israelis) since the war started have been in iraq... the terrorists' home turf, not ours.

and for all those democratic senators--who probably don't read this, unfortunately--who've complained about all the troops lost in iraq since the end of "major combat operations"... how about you look right out the senate windows, if it has any? more people were lost in washington, dc, last year than in iraq since the end of major combat operations. and those were probably innocent civilians, not planning on the possibility of getting killed. there was no draft for this war; when someone enlists in the armed forces, they know what they're getting themselves into. a soldier's job is to fight, and if necessary to die, to defend our country and freedom. for that, i salute them. if any soldiers happen to run into this site: keep up the good work guys (and gals).

and al gore, since you invented the internet, you might run into this some time. if you do, tell your buddy hilary clinton that i am the "right wing" that she's so worried about.

ok, i think that's enough venting for today. i just found out that my neighbor's roommate is basically a socialist, so i'm feeling a little insecure right now. remember kids: better dead than red.

so apparently i'm just allergic to updating on the weekends or something; i definitely had plenty of time. oh well. hopefully everybody is out doing something more entertaining than reading my blog on the weekends, so i guess it doesn't matter.

i finally saw "the passion" on saturday. wow. dang powerful movie. closest i've ever come to crying in the theater... if i hadn't been making a conscious effort not to, i'm sure it would've happened at several points. all in all, i'd have to say that it was a dang good movie... my only complaints were technical. i've actually taken quite a bit of flak for them, with people saying "that's not the point." umm... duh. i know that's not the point. but if mel gibson is planning on making any more movies, this is something to watch out for in the future. i'm not going to bother listing them here, because i'll probably just end up irked at more people. if for some odd reason you feel it absolutely necessary to know my views, feel free to drop me a line at menoichius@hotmail.com. otherwise, suck it up and deal with it... and go see the movie.


yes, believe it or not, i actually was going to get up this morning and run again. really. and then it snowed. maybe if i hadn't been out of track for so long (we ran in the snow quite often, actually), i would've gone for it. but not today.

on the dark side of things, i have a midterm tomorrow that i haven't even started studying for. on top of that, i have to turn in a bibliography and thesis for a research paper in another class... and so far me and my one source are still working on that whole thesis thing. they're overrated, right?

that's about it, really. my family is over for State B basketball this weekend, so i'm gonna go out to dinner with them some night. yay for the break from saga! and it'll be cool to see them again.

ok, i think that's really all. don't expect anything more today. if there are anymore posts within the next 24 hours, it means i'm a glutton for punishment, and really didn't feel like studying or coming up w/ a bibliography.


my blood hurts. well, maybe just my legs. i started running again yesterday, and my body really hates me for it. i was planning on running this morning too, but my legs used their executive veto, and i slept in instead.

in other news, john kerry is (still) a hypocrite. after criticizing president bush for going into iraq too soon, kerry is now saying that bush was "late, as usual" when it came to dealing with the situation in haiti. kerry is also both for and against tax cuts, for and against the war in iraq, for and against abortion, etc., depending on who he's talking to at any give time. sounds like he's trying to emulate bill clinton. john, i'm sorry, but you're no match for slick willy. why don't you just quit now, content in the knowledge that your father-in-law, mr. heinz, will die someday and leave your wife an enormous fortune.

and a belated congratulations to ralph nader for entering the presidential race. maybe he'll be able to draw enough stupid people away from the crowd of stupid people voting democratic that the election won't be as ridiculously close as it was in 2000.

i'll leave you for now with something i thought was really funny:

"Here's an idea for a Bush campaign ad: Scene: Osama bin Laden, Mullah Omar and their cronies are in their cave, eating popcorn. The cave is dimly illuminated by the light of a television set. They're watching a clip from the Wisconsin Democratic debate. Questioner: 'Senator Kerry, President Bush described himself as a war president. He said he's got war on his mind as he considers these policies and decisions he has to make. If you were elected, would you see yourself as a war president?' Kerry: 'I'd see myself first of all as a jobs president, as a health care president, as an education president and also an environmental president. So I would see myself as a very different kind of global leader than George Bush.' Cut to Osama and Mullah Omar high-fiving each other, throwing the popcorn up in the air. One henchman in the background is grinning while waving a 'Kerry for President' banner." --Jonah Goldberg