hahaha! n00b.

though it's unfortunate that he took some civilians with him, the following is the quote of the month:

“Coming down the stairs, he fell down and exploded."

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irony? you be the judge.

recently, a group of mexican legislators started bitching and moaning about immigration. only this time, they weren't complaining that we make it too hard for people to enter America illegally; no, this time, they were complaining that too many mexicans were coming home from America without jobs. it seems that America finally enforcing some of its immigration laws is going to have a "devastating effect" on the mexican state of sonora:

At a news conference, the legislators said Sonora - Arizona's southern neighbor, made up of mostly small towns - cannot handle the demand for housing, jobs and schools it will face as illegal Mexican workers here return to their hometowns without jobs or money.
"Mexico is not prepared for this, for the tremendous problems" it will face as more and more Mexicans working in Arizona and sending money to their families return to hometowns in Sonora without jobs, she [Mexican Rep. Leticia Amparano Gamez] said.
so... it's just fine and dandy for these people to show up illegally in America demanding housing, jobs, and schools (along with social services), but suddenly mexico has a problem with some of its own citizens returning? does that seem wrong to anyone else?

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question of the day

global warming: to be, or not to be? depends on which part of asia you live in, i guess. it was much more fun yesterday, when they both showed up as headlines on the asia-pacific section of the bbc website.


still alive!

and i just survived my first town council meeting to boot. good times. hopefully i'll be able to get some more blogging in, if i can ever get back on track. i've got a booster club meeting tomorrow night (fun and games! not really. but they're quick, at least), and i'm getting sent off to spokane this weekend for a "new council member" training session-type thing. it would be fun to turn into a full visit, except: a) saturday will be completely shot because of the training, and b) i'm probably just going to ride with the other new council member, so i can read/sleep on the way.

that is all for now.