as i may have mentioned before, my job is shortly coming to an end; october 16th is my last day with ncnb.  on occasion, one of the many vp's will send out a motivational quote to the staff.  this was today's: "Starting right now, work on adopting the mindset that you're a huge stakeholder in the success of your organization.  Fact is, you really are one. --Steve Ventura"  except for those people whose office we're shutting down, that is.  you guys don't have so much of a stake in anything here any more.


lost in translation?

apparently "hey hey hey" is open to interpretation.  personally, i'd take it as somebody excited enough to see you that just one "hey" won't suffice.  but when the lord of the land says it, it means "go to war today."  possibly with some exclamation points.  who'd've thunk it?