i hate you Fox

i just spent a good chunk of my day watching the first seven episodes of firefly. which, for some inexplicable reason, was cancelled by fox. they definitely lose for that.


what are the odds of that happening?

the ladies i work with at the bank often complain that it's too cold, even though we've got the temperature set at 72, which is probably warmer than it will be during the winter. anyways, for the last several weeks, i've been saying, "if you're cold, put more clothes on!" and then today, my assistant manager finally caught the absurdity of that statement. "what," she said, "are the odds of guy telling two girls to put on more clothes? you'd think he'd be cranking the heat up." and i thought to myself, you know, that's a good point. but since i only find one of them attractive, and they're both married, i'd much rather be comfortable than see some more skin.


coolest. diploma. ever.

mom found this when she was cleaning out the back of the library and brought it home. i'm not sure whether i should keep it for myself or give it to one of my english-major friends as a prank gift.


product recommendation

normally i try to avoid all things associated with coca-cola, but in this case i'm going to make an exception, and recommend vault, their new soda/energy drink. mainly because it reminds me of surge; which, along with whichever one of the root beers they make (because let's face it, root beer is hard to screw up), and that commercial with kate beckinsale (because let's face it, she's pretty awesome), is one of the few good things they've ever produced. get to it!


Talk Like a Pirate Day

yarrrrgh! sadly, i had completely forgotten about this. it's especially sad when you consider that my college mascot was a pirate.

anyways, do your part by talking like a pirate, and enjoy the following picture, which i stole from say anything:


moving up in life

alright, third place in the wizbang! weekend caption contest! that's an improvement over the honorable mention i got earlier, and a big improvement over the no mention that i usually get.


delay of game...

so, it looks like my planned road trip may have to be put off. like, maybe till next spring. i was counting on one of the local dealers having the car i wanted, so i didn't pre-order it or anything. but apparently the yaris is fairly popular, and most of the ones coming in are already sold. so, sometime in the next few weeks, i'll probably be taking care of that problem.

one advantage, though, is that i'll have saved up more money by the time the one i want comes in, so i'll have to borrow less.

also, i'm still hoping to be able to borrow my parents' car (yet again...) and make a weekend or extended weekend trip down to portland, since that area has the largest concentration of the people i was planning to see on the trip.


so, it turns out my skills are still not quite up to the task of getting haloscan set back up. they've got a new auto-install function for it, but apparently that doesn't recognize the beta version of blogger i'm using now. so if anyone has some spare time on their hands and knows more about .xml than me (which, lets face it, doesn't take a whole lot), let me know and i can send you a copy of my template and what needs to go into it.

i'll try to save the comments this time, so feel free to begin again.


word of the day

the word of the day is "Saddamists," not to be confused with "sodomists." the iraqis tend to be muslim, and muslims definitely frown on homosexuality. so i would imagine that your average Saddamist is most definitely not a sodomist.

h/t president bush (about half way though the text)


i am a huge nerd

i now own a first edition copy of "contact" by carl sagan.


great moments in television

1) mastercard used richard dean anderson (a.k.a. MacGyver) in a commercial. that was pretty much awesome.

2) the mythbusters have an M1 Garand in their arsenal. again, pretty awesome. if you ever need to blow out a deadbolt lock, that's the gun to use.

also, i haven't forgotten about fixing comments (not that it'll make a huge difference), but i think that will end up being a weekend project. last time i switched over, i had to have forrest help me get the template set up. hopefully this time either my skills will be improved or the walkthrough will be easier, or both.



so, i switched over to the new "beta" blogger last night, because it looks like it has some cool new functions. and i think it will. however, it required a change in my template, and i forgot yet again that the comment service i was using (haloscan) was part of my template. so i pretty much just lost all of my comments. hopefully i'll have that back up and running again soon. in the mean time, don't bother leaving comments, because they'll probably just disappear again when i do get it fixed.


we need more politicians like this

i'm half-tempted to move to north carolina just so i can vote for vernon robinson, after hearing some of his ads. my favorite is the "beverly hill-miller."


so, i should be up in chelan right about now, eating mexican food and drinking margaritas with the folks from work. but it looks like montezuma decided to launch a pre-emptive attack on my bowels, which pretty much hate me right now. so instead of sucking down tequila, i'm sucking down pepto-bismol, which is not nearly as much fun.


more pictures

these were both taken using the color-swap setting on the camera:

unfortunately the lighting was pretty crappy... we've been more or less surrounded by smoke from the local forest fires for the last few weeks.

more pot/kettle interaction

with elections coming up, i've heard quite a few commercials running. the two that i'll be making reference to here are both for washington state supreme court positions. the first is from the incumbent chief justice, and basically says "i've got hellas experience as a judge at three different levels of court, and my opponent has none [opponent is a lawyer]. paid for by the committee to re-elect me." i thought hey, cool... experience is good, i'll probably vote for that guy. but then i heard an opposing commercial. apparently the incumbent won't be able to serve out his full term if elected, because the washington state constitution requires judges to retire at age 75. if a judge leaves office before his term is up, a replacement is chosen by the governor. "avoid politicizing the judiciary, vote for the other guy," is the gist of the second commercial. again i think, hey, they've got a good point. i don't want the governor (who i still don't think won her election, but that's another matter) picking a new supreme court justice. but then came the "paid for by" part of the commercial... "paid for by the republican party of chelan and douglas counties." which, obviously, are not at all political. i completely agree with their commercial, but it still seems a bit funny to have a political party telling me not to politicize the judiciary.


testing the new camera

my new camera just came in yesterday, and so far i have to say i'm quite impressed. canon's image stabilization is pretty much awesome; the only blurry picture i've taken so far is of a sprinkler hard at work, and i think that was just because the camera didn't know what to focus on. here are some of my favorites:

once i get a better idea of what constitutes a "good" shot, the canon s3 IS should be able to do the rest for me.

the pot saying "f**k you" to the kettle

"A group that raises money for Democratic Congressional candidates uses a canvassing company that pays some workers submimium wage, in apparent violation of Wisconsin state law, to talk about the need to raise the federal minimum wage, Isthmus newspaper has learned."

stolen from say anything.