awesome football play

i think some people must have been spending a bit too much time watching espn classic, but it worked, so who cares?

h/t dave barry


now there's a fun idea

maybe instead of invading afghanistan and iraq and pissing off liberals everywhere, we could have tried something like this to free the two countries.

h/t dave barry


quote of the day

"As for the climate, you could take every dollar spent on "global warming" and blow it on internet porn, and the Earth's climate in 2050 will be pretty much what it would be anyway." --Mark Steyn

not only that, but your money would be doing much more for the economy. i say it's a win-win situation.



we own other teams, indeed. with their 6-4 victory over arizona tonight, colorado continues their perfect record in the 2007 playoffs, and will face either cleveland or boston in the world series.


heck yes

the colorado rockies just beat the arizona diamondbacks in 11 innings, giving them a 2-0 lead as the series heads back to denver.


movie review, in however many words it takes

movie: Brick (2005)
starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Nora Zehetner, Lukas Haas, and some other folk
plot: guy gets a call from his ex-girlfriend, who sounds totally freaked out. she's hooked on drugs, winds up with the wrong crowd, and gets killed. guy enters a local drug ring to try and figure out what happened.
verdict: well worth watching, and worth paying to see if necessary. a rather dark and very strange movie, but well acted and incredibly well shot. the folks who put this one together definitely knew what they were doing.