OS syndrome begins to set in

today, at 6:16pm (pakistan time), Benazir Bhutto was assassinated. i personally wasn't a huge fan; i think she was pushing for too much too fast, and though it was most likely unintentional, i think she was actually making things worse rather than better. her death, i think, will only exacerbate that. for now, i think it unlikely--but certainly possible--that musharraf was behind it. only time will tell. pakistan would not be a fun place to live right about now.

h/t wizbang


as odd as this may sound...

i'm glad i'm not "the boss" all of the time. although if i actually got all of the perks that went along with being the boss, it might not be quite so bad. my supervisor at the bank got this week off, which leaves me in charge of... well, pretty much everything. the manager is in on occasion, but: a) he manages another branch as well; b) he's incredibly busy finishing up loan renewals for all the farmers/orchardists from both branches; and c) he's unfamiliar with and doesn't have access to much of the operations side of things since the merge. so while he is an excellent resource for banking knowledge, and more often than not can solve a problem when i'm not even sure exactly what's wrong, he's not a whole lot of help with the general day-to-day stuff. a lot of it is stuff i can handle: supervising the other tellers, making sure the cash balances, getting the day's work run through the imager and sent of to HQ, etc. unfortunately, i also got left in charge of several of the end-of-year audits, which i have absolutely no experience with. and on some of them, i don't even have access (since i'm not really a supervisor) to all the bits and pieces that i need to complete them, which means i get to bug someone higher up the chain of command. and while they don't mind helping, between their own audits and all the other people who are bugging them, they are quite busy and not always able to get back to me in a timely manner. which again makes me glad i'm not a boss all of the time.

so really, i guess, all of that was a really long way of saying that i'm looking forward to next year.



quote of the day

"Things will not calm down, Daniel Jackson. They will in fact calm up." --Teal'c, Stargate SG-1, 'Thor's Chariot'



whoa. they weren't kidding

i recently purchased the first two seasons of stargate: sg-1, and almost cracked up when i saw the following sticker attached to the front: "ADULT CONTENT - May contain nudity and adult situations." i had already seen a good chunk of the series--parts of season 1, and all of seasons 2-7--and while there were a decent amount of "adult situations," i didn't remember any nudity. so i figured there might be a few brief shots of someone's ass... not really necessary, but not a huge deal. i was wrong. in the pilot episode, there is definitely some full frontal nudity, which i'm fairly certain didn't make it to the tv version. had i read the "plot keywords" on imdb i might have been prepared, but it actually caught me completely by surprise. it was mainly surprising, i think, because two different characters were in the exact same situation at different times: on the first one i was expecting the nudity, but everything was covered up; on the second one, i wasn't expecting it any more, and then all of a sudden, "whoa, hey! flesh."

so, to cut a long story short, while the show is well worth watching, don't watch it with younger siblings.


open invitation

if any of you happen to find yourself in the waterville area on december 17th, you're more than welcome to come watch me get sworn at. or maybe sworn in. tomato, tomahto. the "ceremony" will take place at the waterville town hall sometime (i'm guessing at the end) of the town council meeting, which starts at 7:30. no beverages (other than the coffee they've usually got on hand) will be served, because i still have to get up for work in the morning. that is all.