wow. i just realized that i say friggin awesome a lot. let me know if that starts to get annoying.

well, mad props to mel gibson. i got to the theater an hour early today and still couldn't get tickets for his movie. i've heard it was amazing, so i'm a little irked that i didn't get to see it tonight. oh well... sometime later. in the mean time, i am incredibly bored. our gm for fantasy trip is gone to a karate competition for the weekend, so that's obviously not happening. i'm actually thinking about doing homework... if anybody is within driving distance of whitworth college, come smack me upside the head and discourage me from it.

this may make me even more of a nerd, but "buffy the vampire slayer" is actually a pretty cool show.

that's about it. i need to figure out my own server sometime so i can put up pictures and other entertaining stuff here. but for now, i guess my daily or every-other-daily activities will have to be enough to keep you all occupied.


still not finished...

if you haven't heard, they're coming out with another final fantasy movie. only this time it's actually based on one of the games... Final Fantasy VII, to be exact. looks pretty friggin awesome. they just put up a subtitled trailer today, which makes it even more worth watching.

i just remembered what else i was gonna say. or type. or whatever. "away from me" by evanescence is friggin awesome, and definitely qualifies as my new favorite song.

this may or may not be a long blog, depending on how much i remember as i'm typing.

1) disappearing act
well, i thought maybe they were sick, but it's official: both the hottest girl on campus and the girl i have a crush on (at least i think i do... i'm not sure how much of that is just my hormones) have dropped out of the class i had with them. which is kind of a bummer, but it does means there are less distractions in class now.

2) economics with cannon
well, not exactly. i'm actually trying to make an analogy, when i say that i wish ideas about history was more interesting. dale soden is a friggin awesome professor, but there's not a whole lot he can do with this class. maybe i'll take history of the viet nam war w/ him next semester... i've heard that was cool. if any of you reading this have never attended wenatchee valley college, this analogy probably makes no sense, so just nod, smile, and scroll down.

3) actually, that was it
yeah, so unless you're a new reader and you're reading this from the newest to oldest posts, you really don't need to scroll down anymore. in fact, at this point, i think we can both (all?) find something more constructive to do.


the things a guy will do out of principle... at least in fantasy trip. maybe i'm spending way too much time talking about this game, but at this point in time, it's actually more interesting than the rest of my life. so either suck it up and deal with it, or find something better to do with your life than read blogs. anyways, back to my principles. we attacked an enemy vampire clan, and i managed to finish off the patriarch... unfortunately, i was sent into torpor (sort of like a coma) in the process. while i was floating in a pool of blood to regenerate, one of our party members ran up and ninja-looted his corpse, which happened to have a really cool sword on it. which i wanted. and he couldn't even use. so i ended up having to buy him a block of apartments in exchange for the sword... i think i got ripped off, but at least the sword is safe. i may have to have my vampiric buddies hunt down all his tenants, just out of spite.

map tests suck.

so does waking up at 8:30 on a saturday morning.

the end.


homework sucks. for the most part, i find history to be pretty dang interesting. fun to read about, fun to learn about, wish i was there, etc. but then i get assigned books like "history and historians: a historiographical introduction," and i really wonder what happened to these people as they were studying history. for those of you who aren't history majors, i'll attempt an allegory/analogy/whatever: pretend you really like superman comics. you love to read them, like getting into the story, etc. and then all of a sudden, you pick up the newest issue, and the author has gone out of his way to make it boring. it's like they're saying "this is what i have to say, and i don't care what you think." and then pretend those incredibly boring comics become assigned reading... now you have my life.

so now i actually have to go do some of that homework... reading from "how many times do you think we can put the word 'history' in the title" and then writing a paper on it. yippee!


wow... sorry i haven't updated in awhile. although i'm not sure what the point of apologizing is, cause probably nobody reads this. oh well. i've been spending a lot more time off-campus at a friend's house lately... it's really nice to get outside the pinecone curtain.

on a side note, i am no longer the beefiest character in our party in fantasy trip. although i could still probably take the other guy on in a fight--definitely at night, probably during the day (i'm a vampire)--he'll eventually be stronger than me. which does kinda bum me out. but then i just have to remember that he's actually a warrior, and i'm just an assassin.

and fight club is a really weird movie.


yeah... so just for future reference, staying up till 5:30 is a bad idea. it may sound fun at the time, and in this case it was, but you tend to regret it the next morning. or whenever it is that you wake up again. nate and i went over to erin & brenna's house for dinner; nothing fancy (hamburger helper), but it was a nice change from saga. after that, we basically watched movies for the rest of the night... "vertigo", "real genius" (great movie), and "the best of 'friends' volume 2". and even though erin didn't dress up in her superhero outfit like she said she would, it was still a fun night/morning.


nope. i never really woke up yesterday. but today is friday, which means several things. first, no class tomorrow... always a plus. second, we're tripping tonight; playing fantasy trip, not doing drugs. unless you count caffeine, because i'm planning on picking up some Bawls for tonight. good stuff, even better than mountain dew. more expensive, though.

on a side note, i'm really pissed at a computer game i'm playing right now... arcanum. i was working on the quest that would make me a "master marksman," and not having much luck. so i beefed by guy up again, thinking i just needed to be a little bit better to take this gang out. that much was true... i was able to finish off the gang. unfortunately, i managed to save right as they finished killing the woman i was supposed to save. and since i'm playing as a technologist, my handy scrolls of resurrection decided that they didn't want to work for me. bastards. so i went back to talk to the guy who gave me the quest (THE master marksman), and when he hears they lady died, he commits suicide. i got a cool gun off of his dead body, but i would've been able to make one just like it eventually, so the whole thing kinda sucked.

i realize this was a rather odd post, but it's all you're getting for today. i'm gonna be tripping from right after dinner till bedtime, whenever that may be. later.

and somehow, my side note ended up being longer than my main note... i'm not entirely sure how that works, but oh well.


well, night classes suck. the class itself is cool... "topics in british and art history." i like the teachers, and i've got some friends in the class, but it really sucks having to be there from 6:30-9:30.

i only have one class with the girl i really like; but i wasn't expecting to have any, so things are looking up. she's also going on the study tour this may, so maybe we'll get some quality time in then. one can always hope.

sorry if this post kinda sucked... i'm feeling tired and rather brain dead at the moment. maybe i'll wake up enough later tonight to do a real update.


oops... must've accidentally posted that one halfway through. my bad.

wow... so classes don't suck yet, but they definitely will by the end of the semester. i have 3 research papers i have to do, as well as a crapload of "writing assessments," 1-5 pages each (depending on the class). i really don't mind writing that much, but this is history, not english. and yes, i realize that complaining isn't going to help at all, but it's still fun to do. anyways, i've got my night class tonight, and i should probably do some reading before hand, so i'm off.

wow... so classes don't suck yet, but they definitely will by the end of the semester. i have 3 research papers i have to do, as well as a crapload of "writing assessments," 1-5 pages each (depending on the class). i really don't mind writing that much,


well, the first day of classes went pretty well. i think it helped that i only had one today, and that the walk from my dorm to my chair in class was less than 100 feet. not too shabby. and over half the other students were in my holy war in europe class last semester, so i know pretty much everybody.

but not all is well in the world... to help fund my trip to england/scotland this may, it looks like i'll actually have to get a job. normally i wouldn't mind so much, but i don't have a car at school, which pretty much limits me to on-campus work. and even that wouldn't be so bad, except that it probably means i'll end up working in the "cafeteria", good old Saga. honestly, i'd rather eat MRE's or easy mac or shoes (leather, not canvas) than saga most of the time. i can't imagine actually serving that stuff to other people. oh well, such is life.

i'm still getting used to this blog thing, so if i seem really random or run on too much on one thing, bear with me.

wow... it's amazing how early 10:30 can seem. and i don't know why... went to bed about 1:30, so that should be around 9 hours of sleep. oh well. time for breakfast.

Well, it's sort of tomorrow, so I wasn't actually lying. Just thought I'd put in some time before bed. Fantasy trip is a great game, especially when everybody in your group is actually playing at the same time. The only problem is that you don't get as much done, cause all sorts of random side conversations get started... but I guess that's the price to pay for playing with real people instead of the computer.

And even though classes don't start till 1 tomorrow (yes!), sleep is good, so I'm off. G'night (not gunshot... stupid spell check) all. Or maybe just Rachel, since she's the only one besides the host who even knows this site exists.


cool. i'm feeling lazy, so no blog today. maybe tomorrow. or later tonight.