pat! update your friggin blog!

actually, i've been a bit lazy about that as well, so pat's not the only one. and i haven't really had an excuse... not yet, at least. in a few days though, i will, at least for awhile. friday after work i'm headed over to seattle, and saturday morning i fly to washington, dc. i'll be there until bright and early on the 27th, when i'll hop a train up to new york city, spend a few hours there, and then hop another train up to the syracuse area until the wee hours of the 30th, at which point it's onto another flight and back home. actually, come to think of it, i could probably extend the excuse for another week or so... it'll take me a few days to recover from the trip and readjust to my usual timezone, and then i'll have a friend from portland coming up for 4th of july weekend. monday after that i get to go back to work with my boss out on vacation, and hope things haven't gotten too crazy while i was gone, and then town council that night, where people will swear at us for either spraying or not spraying for mosquitoes. good times.

on which note, time for sleep.