quote of the week

"You wanna know something? I actually like George W. Bush. In some ways, I'm the George W. Bush of hip hop - nobody likes me, but I'm still gonna run it for the next four years." -- 50 Cent

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things that pissed me off recently (updated)

1) unifil gives out Israeli troop positions during the recent conflict between Israel and hezbollah.

2) mexican activists and other crazy folk raise the mexican flag above an American post office.

3) national guardsman attacked on the left coast.

i'll probably be adding to this as other things pop up.


bad players

since sierra made the multiplayer version of F.E.A.R. free, i've been playing quite a bit of that. i'm average to slightly-above-average when it comes to first person shooters: rarely on the bottom 1/3 of the score list, and occasionally in the top 1/3. so it's always easy to tell when i'm playing with people who suck, because i do awesome. for example, earlier today i was playing a 3v3 team deathmatch, and my score alone was higher than the combined score of the entire other team.



1) just ordered a new digital camera today... mainly for my road trip in october, though actually having a good camera may encourage me to take more pictures.

2) mary katherine ham is still awesome (see last post), but bethany definitely isn't hard on the eyes. the verdict: conservative chicks rule even more!

3) if you're looking for some good folk-type music, i would recommend checking out michael carlos. i had the chance to see him live a week or so back, and i was quite impressed. he's got a good voice, and is multi-talented when it comes to instruments; he played accoustic guitar, piano, eukalalie (sp?), harmonica, and the accordian. i was very tempted to buy his cd, but ended up being glad that i didn't: the two songs that i liked the best ("jerusalem" and "the piano has been drinking [not me]") weren't actually his, though he performed them quite well. also, on a semi-random side note, he's actually my friends' boss at the forest service, and his real name is carl.

4) jeff goldstein, while not nearly as attractive as mkh or bethany, does have a pretty damn good sense of humor.


conservative chicks rule

exhibits a and b: mary katherine ham


a birthday poem and present for everybody's friend slick willy, who just turned 60.


never assume

this is mainly about local politics, so you may not be interested.

there are currently three people (that i know of) running for douglas county sheriff, all of whom are, in one way or another, hitting up people for their votes. one sent his wife & a community member doorbelling; one left us a flyer while we were gone, with a little note that said he was sorry he missed us; and the third came himself, along with the county prosecutor. and right off the bat, he lost my vote with the following: "is your mom or dad home?" i'm 22 years old. though i don't remember doing so, i'm old enough to have voted for the guy that he's trying to replace. heck, even one of my younger brothers is old enough to vote now. but he apparently decided that my mom & dad would be the only ones voting, or in interested in hearing why we should vote for him. mom was out in the garden, and dad was watching the mariners game, but took the time to shout out "i'm voting for [other candidate's name]" before going back to the game. at which point, guy #3 left me a flyer, saying "maybe he'll change his mind." i'm not sure if he ever had my vote to begin with, but he doesn't now.


thoughts on the connecticutian primary

"nedrenaline"? isn't that some sort of performance enhancing drug? and "joementum," to me, really sounds like some sort of mind-altering drug that english majors slip into their daily starbucks.


if only...

for somebody who really doesn't like the West, mahmoud ahmadinejad seems to dress in a fairly Western fasion:

but i can't help but think that something is missing... that's it, a necktie! you know what would look really good on president psycho? a stolypin necktie. i'd send him one myself if i thought there was any chance of him putting it on...


thought of the day

so, fidel castro is reportedly recovering from his intestinal surgery now. but what if he doesn't? if i were raoul castro, as soon as fidel croaks, i put a bullet in him and claim that he was assassinated by an anti-cuban group. possibly america, but probably not; while it would be great to blame an outsider (because as much as cubans may dislike fidel, they probably dislike outsiders even more), but there's really not much that cuba can do to the US. no, i would probably blame cuban "exiles" (or whatever they're calling all those people that raft across to the US) and/or some internal group of dissidents. that would have the double benefit of taking an indirect swipe at america (bringing up the ghost of the bay of pigs) and making your citizens more suspicious of each other, which means they have less time to worry about what you're doing.

but then, i'm not overly familiar with raoul. maybe he won't need to go to those lengths to gain support, maybe he can let fidel die peacefully and everybody will just fall in line behind the new castro. discuss amongst yourselves.


that seems questionable to me

hmm... dasani water lists salt (which, they tell us, adds a negligable amount of sodium) as one of the ingredients in its bottled water. does that seem a bit odd to anyone else?

double teamed (updated)

so, it seems like both my internet connection and guild wars hate me now. i was just starting one mission earlier and my internet crapped out on me. came back later and things were working fine for awhile, managed to finish one mission. then i went to try another one, and about 5 minutes into it guild wars decided to crash. which is annoying not only to me, but also to the people in my group, who were then operating short one man.

--update (08/03)--
triple teamed! my bowels also decided to hate on me last night. it was somewhat less than pleasant.


random historical fact

i may actually have already posted this one, but i just found my notes for it floating around again. here it is:

the latin word for arch is "fornix," which, since many of the prostitutes in rome operated under archways, brought us the word "fornication."