"oooh, pretty" and other tales

"ooh, pretty." i'm a fan.

a lot of the time at work, i feel kind of like marvin the robot. i've got a huge brain and a whole month or so of training at the bank, and half of the time there's nothing to use them on. i'm reduced to either sorting through files or playing minesweeper, depending on whether the manager is in or out at the time. it's pretty boring. other days, it's ridiculously busy. either way, i really look forward to the end of each day.

and then there's days like today. this morning, an unnamed customer brought in a deposit of $576 in quarters. which is fine, in and of itself. but later, i noticed that one of the rolls was 50 cents short. being curious, i went through the others in my drawer (i had a fairly large amount because a local merchant was coming in for change). out of $300 i counted, they were roughly $11 off. one had a dime in it, and another had a 10 "cent" coin from french polynesia. since all the offage for that day was in my drawer, i was fairly upset.

but now it's the weekend. time to relax. maybe go out shooting. if nothing else, i really don't have to think about money for the next 3 nights, which will be great.