oh oblivion, why must you be so awesome?

after years of waiting, oblivion finally came out last tuesday. and i've been playing it ever since. right now i'm playing a dark elf nightblade (mage-warrior combo), and just recently got turned into a vampire. which is kind of cool, because it gives me extra stats, and kind of sucky, because i'm constantly taking damage if i try to do anything between 8am and 8pm. which, conveniently, is when most of the shops are open. oh well. the game, overall, definitely rocks. i've heard of quite a few people having problems with it (which is not overly suprising... morrowind, it's predecessor, was quite possibly one of the buggiest games ever), but i've only had one: whenever i quit, it tells me that there's been an error and the program needs to end. which is really more annoying than anything.

luckily, rachel is home on spring break this week, and her boyfriend from honduras was finally able to come up for a visit, so i should be able to spend some time with them and away from my computer.