more pot/kettle interaction

with elections coming up, i've heard quite a few commercials running. the two that i'll be making reference to here are both for washington state supreme court positions. the first is from the incumbent chief justice, and basically says "i've got hellas experience as a judge at three different levels of court, and my opponent has none [opponent is a lawyer]. paid for by the committee to re-elect me." i thought hey, cool... experience is good, i'll probably vote for that guy. but then i heard an opposing commercial. apparently the incumbent won't be able to serve out his full term if elected, because the washington state constitution requires judges to retire at age 75. if a judge leaves office before his term is up, a replacement is chosen by the governor. "avoid politicizing the judiciary, vote for the other guy," is the gist of the second commercial. again i think, hey, they've got a good point. i don't want the governor (who i still don't think won her election, but that's another matter) picking a new supreme court justice. but then came the "paid for by" part of the commercial... "paid for by the republican party of chelan and douglas counties." which, obviously, are not at all political. i completely agree with their commercial, but it still seems a bit funny to have a political party telling me not to politicize the judiciary.