whoa. they weren't kidding

i recently purchased the first two seasons of stargate: sg-1, and almost cracked up when i saw the following sticker attached to the front: "ADULT CONTENT - May contain nudity and adult situations." i had already seen a good chunk of the series--parts of season 1, and all of seasons 2-7--and while there were a decent amount of "adult situations," i didn't remember any nudity. so i figured there might be a few brief shots of someone's ass... not really necessary, but not a huge deal. i was wrong. in the pilot episode, there is definitely some full frontal nudity, which i'm fairly certain didn't make it to the tv version. had i read the "plot keywords" on imdb i might have been prepared, but it actually caught me completely by surprise. it was mainly surprising, i think, because two different characters were in the exact same situation at different times: on the first one i was expecting the nudity, but everything was covered up; on the second one, i wasn't expecting it any more, and then all of a sudden, "whoa, hey! flesh."

so, to cut a long story short, while the show is well worth watching, don't watch it with younger siblings.