poetry, or something like it

both of these just sort of popped into my head at work today. at some point, i may try and complete the color wheel. or maybe not, since i'm not a huge fan of poetry, and it's not something i'm overly good at.

If I Were Blue
What would I do,
If I were blue,
From lack of breathing air?

Wherever I wandered,
My humor would be squandered,
The people would just point and stare.

I can't say I'd blame them,
And I'd wish I were like them,
Living my life without a care.

But I am not blue,
So who cares what I'd do?
I'm off to go breathe some air.

If I Were Yellow
If I were yellow,
I'd be quite mellow,
But not the beverage of that name.

A treasure of gold,
If you could get a hold
Of me you'd win fortune and fame.

By now you are thinking,
"This writing is stinking,
This poem is really quite lame."

So I must digress,
And go join the protest
For the "outing" of Valerie Plame.