well, this is a bipolar week, to be sure. first off, people who actually pay attention to the syllabus the prof hands out rule. we were supposed to have a 12-15 page paper due in early american history this wednesday... but apparently, the syllabus said the prof would hand out more detailed instructions so we'd know what we were supposed to do, and he didn't. he apologized, said he'd hand it out wednesday, and moved the due date back to next monday. great stuff.

unfortunately though, i still haven't got fitted for a tux; as many of you know, i will be acting as one of the groomsmen in my friend jon's wedding this june. i've been planning on getting fitted for quite awhile now, but just keep forgetting about it until i'm too busy to do anything about it. i seem to be really good at that. the worst part though, is that he im'd me yesterday and said i was the last one to get fitted. i realize it had to be somebody, but why me? i'll have to make some time to do that this week. oh, for a motorized vehicle...

on a totally random note, tennis ball golf rules. not as much as frisbee golf, but it's still really fun. especially since my style--pretend you're playing baseball--works really well. i actually managed to win on my first time through the course, against people who had played several times before and/or actually play golf.

ok, that's about it. time to try and pick out some classes, and then get back to writing another paper.