yeah... so it looks like its been awhile since i've updated. for those of you who actually care about what goes on in my life, sorry for the wait; for the rest of you, hopefully you found something better to do than read my random complaints. really, i've just been busy, writing papers and playing computer games--not enough of the former and too much of the latter. on the bright side though, i haven't been playing video games as intensely as these guys do. there's a chance, however, that that link will make absolutely no sense in a day or so... we'll have to wait and see what happens. if the comic that comes up has no references to star wars galaxies, then my web skills just suck. i've probably linked to them before, but if you're interested in gaming at all, you should check out Penny Arcade. once i started reading it, it quickly became one of my favorite websites ever.

in other news, only one big paper left this semester... w00t. too bad i haven't even started it yet. oh well. it'll get done sooner or later, most likely later. have a good night/morning all. later.