jimmy carter officially loses

now i see why the federalist refers to him as our best ex-president. in a recent interview (if the link doesn't show it, go to msn video, and do a search for "carter") with nbc's katie couric, carter said that bush misled the american people, and that iraq was a "quagmire, very similar to what we experienced in vietnam." newsflash jimmy... iraq is nothing like vietnam--a war which we were winning, by the way, until pinko leftists (it would be an insult to communists everywhere to group you along with them) like yourself started whining about how horrible america was. Also, apparently a large part of the violence in iraq is due to the fact that american troops are there. ya think, jimmy? true, our soldiers over there provide a pretty convenient target; but unlike our citizens who died on september 11, our troops can shoot back. and personally, i'd rather have trained professionals being shot at and blown up over in iraq (though it would be nice if we could avoid that too) than civilians facing the same threat here in america. on kerry's flip-flopping, he said that "circumstances change", and when "you learn more information" (pretty hard for kerry to do, since he never shows up for his job), it's natural to change your mind.

i really wish that i could blame these views on senility--he did just turn 80--but he's had problems for awhile now. maybe kerry can be the next jimmy carter for us... a democrat president who basically sucks, and leads the country to elect the next reagan to fix things. as much as i'd like to see bush get re-elected, if kerry winning gives us a shot at another reagan, i'm willing to suffer through the next 4 years.

i was going to complain about something else, but it's late (or early, depending on how you look at it) and i'm tired. time for bed.