$8 trenchcoats and presidential debates

for the sake of convenience, we'll do these in order. first, i definitely bought a green trenchcoat for $8 today. which is pretty sweet. for those of you who live in the spokane area, i would recommend checking out "the classy rack", my new favorite store. its somewhere near the spokane arena... sorry i can't give you better directions. i also got a pimp plaid jacket, which will be fun to wear around, if for no other reason than how rediculous it looks. that one cost me $5.

i was supposed to have some sort of a running commentary going on the debate, but i couldn't figure out the scripting for it. oh well. here's my quick summary:

Bush: my opponent is a flip-flopper, this is hard work but we're progressing, the world is safer, i forgot what i was going to say, he has no consistent point of view, yay america! oh yeah, and transshipment.

Kerry: what he said, only i'll do more of it, and better, and faster, and for less money. and i do have a consistent point of view, which is that you're wrong. yay america! oh yeah, and i was in vietnam.

i was actually fairly impressed with kerry... he only mentioned vietnam 3 times (that i noticed, though it couldn't have been many more than that), which is a big improvement from the dnc. i still think bush came out on top, though he didn't kick nearly as much ass as he should have. he gave kerry too much slack; and as much as i dislike kerry, he's smart enough that giving him slack is a bad idea. it will be interesting to see the next few debates... hopefully they'll be a little less boring. bush's sense of humor wasn't really in play, and kerry's attempts at it were almost painful to watch.

i think that's about it, really. have a good night all.