up and running?

the answer is a definite maybe. the computer help desk here at whitworth attached the following note to my computer (rough quote): "We do not support fixing this type of problem. Windows needs a rebuild." which i think just meant that they had no clue what was wrong.

so i reinstalled windows. again. that's about 3 times now in as many weeks. but i think it actually worked this time. the first thing i did after reconnecting to the internet was to reinstall the whitworth symantec antivirus client, along with ad-aware and spybot. they didn't pick up anything major, so i think i'm good. as we speak (or as i type, or whatever... figure of speech and all that), taskmanager and msconfig are working again, which is glorious.

and now, i'm off to finish some reading and watch "the incredibles", which i hear is a great movie. farewell for now.