my brain hurts

i actually gave up on writing my paper at 2 this morning and went to bed. physically, i was still fairly hyper from all the caffeine, but my brain was really starting to hate life at that point. so i got up at about 7:30 this morning, and typed through my first two classes. went to class with my paper, the prof checked to make sure we had all done them, and then we did peer editing. which is kind of helpful, but i would much rather have had the prof look at my paper. but then again, this is the same prof who decided to spend a month in the middle of the semester in costa rica. true, he was helping out with the study tour down there, but it sucked for all of his students still here.

on that note, here's some fun stuff:

apparently, i'm not cut out for academia.
the wild west? (h/t emily)
and just because i love it, the immigration game

i need more caffeine. i'm off.