polar opposites

right now, things at work are a study in opposites. the manager and assistant manager are both busy as bees working on loan documents, so the orchardists in the area can afford to work for another year. add to that the fact that our manager also manages another branch, and since october has been the only loan officer--and thus the one who has the final word on any loans--between the two of them. contrast that with an average day in the life of the other teller and i, half of which consists of us playing solitaire, and the other half trying to figure out what to do with the random people who are still bringing in checks.

customer: "I'd like to cash this check."
me: "OK."
customer: "So, were you planning on cashing that any time soon?"
me: "Oh, right."

it's especially hard because we've already done all the busy work there might have been, so half the time we can't even look busy. i'm really looking forward to spring.