1) just ordered a new digital camera today... mainly for my road trip in october, though actually having a good camera may encourage me to take more pictures.

2) mary katherine ham is still awesome (see last post), but bethany definitely isn't hard on the eyes. the verdict: conservative chicks rule even more!

3) if you're looking for some good folk-type music, i would recommend checking out michael carlos. i had the chance to see him live a week or so back, and i was quite impressed. he's got a good voice, and is multi-talented when it comes to instruments; he played accoustic guitar, piano, eukalalie (sp?), harmonica, and the accordian. i was very tempted to buy his cd, but ended up being glad that i didn't: the two songs that i liked the best ("jerusalem" and "the piano has been drinking [not me]") weren't actually his, though he performed them quite well. also, on a semi-random side note, he's actually my friends' boss at the forest service, and his real name is carl.

4) jeff goldstein, while not nearly as attractive as mkh or bethany, does have a pretty damn good sense of humor.