never assume

this is mainly about local politics, so you may not be interested.

there are currently three people (that i know of) running for douglas county sheriff, all of whom are, in one way or another, hitting up people for their votes. one sent his wife & a community member doorbelling; one left us a flyer while we were gone, with a little note that said he was sorry he missed us; and the third came himself, along with the county prosecutor. and right off the bat, he lost my vote with the following: "is your mom or dad home?" i'm 22 years old. though i don't remember doing so, i'm old enough to have voted for the guy that he's trying to replace. heck, even one of my younger brothers is old enough to vote now. but he apparently decided that my mom & dad would be the only ones voting, or in interested in hearing why we should vote for him. mom was out in the garden, and dad was watching the mariners game, but took the time to shout out "i'm voting for [other candidate's name]" before going back to the game. at which point, guy #3 left me a flyer, saying "maybe he'll change his mind." i'm not sure if he ever had my vote to begin with, but he doesn't now.