chalk one up for the weatherman

so, the for today predicted a 100% chance of precipitation. and precipitate it did, to the tune of about 12" of snow. and it's still precipitating, albeit much slower than it was earlier today.

hopefully i'll remember to get more pictures with some sort of reference later tonight, but here's some i took a few minutes ago:

the first was taken using the flash, and shows the left side of our front sidewalk; the second did not use a flash, and shows the right side.

this kind of weather makes driving to work quite interesting. my morning commute includes pine canyon (that link will put you about the middle of the canyon... switch to aerial image and zoom out a bit to get a better picture), which is a drop of about 2000 feet over 8 miles or so. It has its share of wrecks under the best of conditions, and right now it's completely covered in compact snow. i think the boss is already planning on everybody being late tomorrow, which is good, because we probably all will be.