as of today, i've been sick for 8 days, which is my excuse for the light posting. started out last saturday with a nasty sinus infection, and then monday morning i woke up with infective conjunctivitis, a.k.a. pinkeye. on their own, either of those things probably just would have been annoying, but together, it really sucked. i actually ended up missing the entire week of work, putting my sick days to good use.

luckily, things seem to be clearing up now. i got some eyedrops for the pinkeye on thursday (we don't have a local doctor anymore, so one commutes up from wenatchee a few days a week... thursday happened to be the day they were in) and some antibiotics for the sinus infection yesterday, and i think they're doing their job. which is good, because the other regular teller at work is out on vacation next week, so things would really suck if i weren't able to make it in.

also, roald amundsen was the man.