fun: it does exist!

just spent a weekend in spokane, and it was definitely fun. even when the brits and americans (the russians died off early) were getting our asses handed to us in axis & allies. through a combination of a few bad moves and a lot of bad rolls on our part, the forces of fascism controlled the globe. oh well.

it was good getting to hang out with ben again after his semester in europe, drinking good beer and attending "classes" in brno. it was also good to see clayton again, even if he was playing as the japanese. i also discovered that most of my friends still there (ben and clayton, as well as paul, liz, and jess) have no souls, at least while playing apples to apples.

and, perhaps most importantly, i was able to pick up a few cases of bawls before leaving spokane, since i can't find it anywhere in my area.