there comes a time...

...when, despite all your previous protests to the contrary, you must finally break down and start playing WoW. i never denied that it was a good game, i just always felt that the $15/month could be spent better elsewhere. but no more. my little brother got the game for christmas, and i'm hooked. i'm currently working on the 10-day free trial that came with it, and i'm headed into town this weekend to pick up the full version.

right now, here are my characters:

*Menoichius: Human Paladin, level 15. I believe the server is Eltrigg, or something like that. But that's on my little brother's account, so I'm going to be re-creating him in Boulderfist.

*Klavicus: Undead Warlock, level 6. Just started this guy tonight, on the Hakkar(?) server. I know, I really should pay more attention to the server names. But he's not going to be my primary character, and it was the first "recommended" one that didn't have a queue.