theater folk are cool

this weekend, rachel and i went to see a friend of ours (lauren) perform in the play "noises off," by michael frayn (description: "Take a second rate acting company presenting a really bad play and the result is a high-speed, frenzied farce as their on-stage and back stage antics spiral into total mayhem.") i have to say, i was quite impressed. it started to drag on a bit towards the end, but over all it was highly entertaining.

afterwards, we hung around for awhile and talked with lauren. she was doing well... work was crazy, but she loved it, and really enjoyed being able to act as well. we got to meet a few other actors as well, and they turned out to be pretty cool people. they even shared their booze with us (it was st. patrick's day), even though we were basically just "groupies." we took off shortly after that though, because they were having a birthday party for the guy who designed the set. he also seemed like a cool guy, but we didn't really know him, so it would have been a bit odd.

the mission creek players--the group who was acting that night--also give free acting classes; or at least they will, once they finish building their permanant location. if i'm still around when those get started, i think i'll be tempted to give it a go. i've never seriously acted--the closest i've come to it was a brief performance for my shakespeare class, when i was moonbeam in the 'play within a play' in a midsummer night's dream--but i definitely enjoyed it. i don't think i'd have much problem with the "grunt" work (memorizing my lines), but body language, voice inflection, etc., might be a bit trickier to pick up.