yarrrrgh... (updated)

so, i think it's time for me to start looking for new computer pieces. when i came upstairs to brush my teeth last night, everything was fine. when i got back down a few minutes later, my computer had shut itself off. i tried starting it up again; it flashed a few times, then went off. i haven't been able to get it going since then.

it looks like the power supply has power--the power switch on the back lights up when it's turned on--but i get no response whatsoever when i try using the power button on the front of my case. right now i'm trying to get ahold of a friend who might be able to help me check the various pieces of my compy, so i know if just one piece is fried, or if i have to start all over. wish me luck.

looks like truckin' knows his stuff... the problem was with the power supply. so i pulled it out, popped in my old one, and for now i'm functional. i'll be sending the dysfunctional PSU back to the manufacturer, and hoping that whatever the problem was is covered under my "limited" warranty.