an anniversary, of sorts

as of today, i've been with the bank i'm working at for two years. normally this means it's time for a raise, which my supervisor is definitely in favor of. however, we're in the process of going through a merge with another bank, and we're still not entirely sure who's still going to have a job and who isn't, which throws a bit of a wrench into the gears. i'm confident that i'll be kept on, but i'm not sure in what capacity. my supervisor has also suggested the possibility of a promotion (which, aside from a nicer title ["personal banker," maybe? who knows?], really just means more money... the job itself would stay pretty much the same), but since we're not sure where that would put me in the new bank's hierarchy, we're not sure if we can justify a promotion. hopefully by the end of this week, and definitely by the end of this month, i should know what's going on... until then, i'm keeping my fingers crossed.