if it hasn't already been done, i want to invent a new word: heterophobe. it's in response to the word "homophobe", which is thrown around way too often. first, a phobia implies an irrational fear. arguing against homosexuality is not irrational; and i am most definitely not afraid of gays. unless they're incredibly muscular... but any incredibly muscular person is kinda scary. but back to the whole fear thing. this report--"They Look Silly Anyway"--seems to me to be an argument against the whole fear thing. personally, if i were afraid of gay police officers, i would want them to keep their earrings in: that way i could tell who they were and stay away from them. this is not, however, to imply that earrings make a guy gay--i know plenty of perfectly straight guys with earrings. also in the chief's defense, he asked female officers to avoid "all but the most innocuous studs." he's targeting both sexes... how is that homophobic? but then again, this just seems to fit with the liberal mode of thinking: be tolerant of other people's views, as long as they agree with you. there are sevearl other stories on the site that are pretty ridiculous... i would recommend checking them out.

also, if you are a politically conservative--or at least not raging liberal--college student, you should go here. i'm currently trying to get a branch of the Collegiate Patriot Project started here at whitworth... we'll see how that goes.

and now i'm off. i need to procrastinate some more so i can start doing homework.