Drinking Games; or maybe just drinking

Ok, so the last list of drinks i did didn't turn out looking like it was supposed to. so here is the new, updated version.

Good Drinks
--Strongbow: a hard apple cider. apple-y enough that it tastes good, but alcoholic enough that you know what you're drinking
--Smirnoff Ice: vodka with a hint of lemon; and, at only 5% alcohol by volume, something you can drink quite a bit of. apparantly it's better here than in england, so i'm looking forward to it.
--Smirnoff Black Ice: similar to "regular" Ice, but with more citrus flavor.
--Raspberry vodka: somebody had a really good idea with this. if you like berry flavored stuff, try this.
--vodka (double shot) with lemonade: i've been told i was a girl for liking this, but she was kinda drunk at the time, so we'll ignore that comment. i'll have to compare it to a hard lemonade sometime.

Decent drinks
--Mead: honey wine. one of those things i kept reading about, so i figured i had to try it. i could still taste the wine a little to much (don't really like wine), but it had a nice honey aftertaste.
--Guiness: one of two things that i absolutely had to try while in england (the other was a cuban cigar). i have to say i was a little disappointed; but i've heard it's only good in ireland, so i'll have to give it another go someday.
--Kaluah: i'm normally not a big fan of coffee flavored stuff, but this was pretty decent.
--Rum & Coke: i had never had rum before, and i don't like coke, but i have to say that they mix pretty well.
--vodka (Absolut): definitely better as a mixer, but not too shabby on its own. i can see how alyssa was corrupted by those russian ballerinas.

Bad drinks
--Jack Daniels: in its defense, it was served to me on the rocks. but if i'm just taking whiskey as a shot, i'm not going to waste money on something like Jack.

i'm sure i've forgotten something, but those were the basics. now i can get back to updating about other stuff, whatever that may be.