slowly but surely, my country is going down the tube. what has happened to our great nation? legislating from the bench. for those of you unfamiliar with the term, it's when the court system--usually either a state or the federal supreme court--decides that they should be doing congress' job, and pass laws. a fairly recent example of this was the ruling in massachusetts, where the state supreme court said that the legislature had to pass a law allowing gay marriage. more recently, and just as frustrating, the federal supreme court decided that the detainees at gitmo (guantanamo bay, cuba) can have access to american courts. and american lawyers, who will be paid for with american tax dollars. so that kinda pissed me off. also, i don't believe that the supreme court is right in this case... not even close. the detainees/prisoners/whatever-we're-calling-them-now are not US citizens, so the constitution and the idea of constitutional rights do not apply to them. neither are they signees of the geneva convention, which means that it also does not apply to them. so, theoretically, these guys should be SoL (sh-t outta luck), but our supreme court apparantly thinks the "rights" of terrorists are more important than our national security.