yeah, sorry i've been a little slow on the updates. i've been busy filling out job applications like there's no tomorrow--which is entirely possible if i don't get a job this summer. oh well. stuff happens.

in the meantime, i realize my reader ("fan") base is probably pretty small, but i want to urge anyone reading this to NOT, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, pay to watch michael "i'm not fat, i'm big-boned" moore's new film farenheit 9/11. that man is a disgrace, unworthy of being called an American. at this critical moment in our nation's history, he is one of the best allies the terrorists we are hunting down could hope for.

i realize this effort may be pointless. there is a good chance that my friends are the only people reading this, and they wouldn't watch the "movie" anyways. if anyone else receives this message, remind your friends to avoid supporting mr. bin laden. i mean moore.