finally, an interesting weekend

well, i finally had a fun weekend.  unfortunately, it's probably the last one i'll have for awhile, since my job starts (finally) on tuesday.  at least i'll finally have some money.  anyways, i made a trip over to spokane for the weekend to see some friends, and hopefully have a mini-LAN party.  i got half of that done.  jake, pat and i vegged around the house most of afternoon, got some safeway pizza for dinner, and then watched ken jennings continue to kick ass on jeopardy.  it wasn't even close... he set a new record with $75,000, and the next closest person had about $1600.  no, neither of those are typos.  he won by over $70,000.  ken jennings is my new hero.  after that we put in the blue collar comedy tour... hilarious stuff, definitely worth watching.  at 10, a whole slough of whitworth folk (me, pat, jake, nate, jeremiah, toree, greg, justin, peter, ian, and probably some others i didn't know about) ended up at the bourne supremacy.  it was a good movie, but i didn't think it was as good as the first one.  and on a side note, matt damon could never pass himself off as an actual runner... he has horrible form.

saturday we sat around the whole morning, watching at various times infomercials, cooking shows, and bob ross.  when we finally finished waking up, we went over to the soccer field and tossed the frisbee, until one of the security guards told us we weren't supposed to be there.  apparently 3 guys in bare feet with a plastic disk do more damage to the lawn than 22 people wearing cleats and chasing after a soccer ball.  who knew?  but the best part was that the security guy was too lazy to get out of his truck and come to us, so he actually drove out onto the field--the one that we weren't supposed to be walking on--to inform us of our error.  at that point, pat decided he wanted to learn gaelic, so we drove up to costco to look for some language cds.  didn't find what we were looking for there, so we stopped by best buy, found it, and then went to target and got an inflatable pool for the back yard.  it wasn't quite as cool as it could've been, though; we didn't get it set up till about 6, and by that point it wasn't very hot out any more.  the water, though, was incredibly cold... my feet went numb after about a minute.  when we got bored/frozen, we headed in to watch "can't hardly wait" (a very quotable movie) and "3 ninjas" (an entertaining film, to say the least).  after that it was saturday night live, hosted by the olson twins, and then off to bed.

the whole mini-lan thing never happened, unfortunately.  nate's sister flew up for the week, so he was busy.  and then when i started setting my computer up, i realized that i forgot the power cord for my monitor... makes it a little tricky to play.  i'm good, but not that good.  spent sunday morning alternatingly trying to sleep (with little success), and either watching pat get back into freelancer, or some random movie about drugs with mel gibson, kurt russel, and michelle pfiefer.  oddly enough, it never showed the name of the movie.

that's about it, really.  time to settle back into boredom.  later all.