he passes, with gliding colors

not quite flying colors.  but then again, the person who designed the test obviously wasn't aiming very high.  today, at about 14:30, i got my food workers card.  yay!  except that means i'm just one step closer to working for the union.  i may or may not have mentioned it already, but i really don't like unions; i think they're pointless, and bad for business.  but i need to put my principles on hold, or else i won't be able to buy books for classes this fall.  which would be kinda bad.

so if you're ever really bored and have $10 to blow, go get your food worker card.  the test is ridiculously easy... i could've passed it even without the instructional video.  as long as you're not drunk or dead, or some combination thereof, you should be able to too.