--me: "hey mom. kate-lynne left some clothes in the back of my car, so i'm gonna go drop those off now."
--mom: "is this something i want to know about?"

--me: "i think these belong to you."
--kate-lynne: "thank you."

--elaine (her mom): "when did you get here danner?"
--me: "just a minute ago. kate-lynne left some clothes in the back of my car last night, so i just came to drop them off."
--elaine: "that sounds really bad. did you want to rephrase it?"
--me: "umm... nope. that's pretty much what happened."

i thought that was a fairly humorous series of conversations, worth recording for posterity. or at least as long as i continue to write in this blog. though the situation does sound pretty bad, it was actually perfectly innocent. we were both working at the 4-h booth during the demolition derby last yesterday. it gets pretty hot during the afternoons, but it's almost always windy and chilly by the time it gets over; so, she came in shorts and a tank-top, and brought along jeans and a long sleeved shirt to change into later. which she did. but when we went back to her house afterwards (to watch saturday night live, you pervert), she forgot them in the car. other than explaining it to both moms, that was the end of the story. it was actually kind of boring. but i'm really bored right now, so you can either put up with it or leave.

on another note, today is our nation's 228th anniversary/birthday. congratulations America. happy Independence Day.