"God will understand. And if He does not, then He is not God."

some of you will probably recognize that as at least a rough quote (though i think i got it right) from Kingdom of Heaven. but that's neither here nor there. it's catchy, and it sort of fits with something i've been thinking about.

why do so many muslims blow themselves up for their religion? why were they so violent in response to the mohammed cartoons? according to them, Allah is supposed to be all-powerful--one imam even proclaimed that Allah would, at some point in the future, wipe out the US with a major flood. apparently he forgot about the part where any flood big enough to get past the cascades and rockies in the west and the appalachians in the east would probably wipe out a good chunk of the rest of the world.

back to the thought; if Allah actually is all-powerful, then why blow yourself and innocent civilians up? is Allah so weak that he needs to be defended by a mere human, and one deranged enough to commit suicide at that?

i think i may expand on this later, but it'll probably be next week at the soonest. i need to get done procrastinating so i can finish up my lecture. on which note, it's time for bed.