desperate house-husband?

no real point to this post, but i really wanted to use that phrase, and it does sort of fit. as he does from time to time, jeff decided that he needed to get clean his shelves to make room for new dvds. i decided to take him up on the offer, and picked up a brand-new copy of serpico for $5, including shipping. normally i would just think "hey, cool, great deal" and let it go. but it still had the $6.99 price tag from best buy on it, which for some reason i found quite entertaining. i understand that if you really want to clear out the space, five dollars (actually, only $3.89, since shipping cost him $1.11) is better than no dollars, but it seems odd to me that he was willing to settle for about half of what that movie cost, especially since it was brand new.

i have, however, come up with one random explanation: people send him movies every now and then. so my guess is this is one he was given as a gift, which means he's actually not losing anything.

oh, right, how the topic fits. jeff has mentioned several times that he's a stay-at-home dad. which, while not something i would want to do--unless my wife were able to make a lot more money than i could--i think is a good thing. in my opinion, unless you really can't make ends meet without both parents working, at least one of the parents should stay home with the kid(s) until said child(ren) is/are in school.

the end.