i hate driving

and yet for some reason, i'm planning a road trip. i am a glutton for punishment; i think it's all dave's fault. oh well. i've got the second week of october (i think... it's the one with columbus day in it) off, and i should be getting my new car shortly before that. this'll be a good way to break it in, and/or drive myself insane. here's the general plan:

1) colorado springs, to visit jon & michelle. estimated driving time: 18 hours, 22 minutes. i think i may break that one up, either by taking an extra day and visiting dave in montana, or crashing with relatives in wyoming (although they're distant and way older than me, so i'm not sure if that would work out).

2) davis, to visit rachel. estimated driving time: 17 hours, 52 minutes. i'd like to break that one up as well, but the only person i really know in between there (from carson city, NV) is going to be in prague, and i don't want to pay for a hotel if i can avoid it, so my options there are limited.

3) portland, to visit geanna, and possibly alyssa and brian. this one is listed as a relatively short 9 hours; still way more time than i want to spend in a car, but shouldn't be any problem to get done in a day.

depending on how much time i have left after those, i may also stop in the seattle area to visit some other friends. or i may just be hating life and decide to go straight home (5 hours, 29 minutes away) and sleeping for the next few days.

speaking of which, i'm h-tired from getting up early today to drive to seattle and back for mike z's wedding, so i be off to bed.