using your knowledge

is what i'd like to do. the bank i work at has decided to start creating its own brochures, business cards, etc., rather than "outsourcing." we've been going through quite a few changes, and decided that it really didn't make sense to buy in bulk if we're going to be changing them fairly frequently. and since all the higher-ups are busy and i spend half of my time being bored, i got put in charge of the project. it shouldn't be too big--we've only got three branches--but it'll give me something to do, and possibly some good experience to boot.

so, what type of printer should i be looking for? i figure higher resolution is better, but how high do i actually need it? it doesn't need to print overly fast, and won't be going through a whole lot of pages each month. we're looking at glossy and non-glossy (basically some "heavy" duty paper) versions, so if you know anything about printers, feel free to put forth several suggestions. i've basically been given free reign with this... i get to choose the printer, the software, and the paper, and get to design the brochures themselves, so it may or may not need to be a picture-quality printer.