i love math

well, not really. because i usually manage to find the hardest method for solving any problem, which means i'll get the answer, it just takes about five times as long as it should. but every now and then, math proves itself to be quite useful: an indian economist has proven that putting down the toilet seat is inefficient.

at home, i usually use slightly different arguments, but i think we agree in principle:

1) look before you leap. i have to look to make sure the seat is up before i begin urinating; why is it so hard for you to see if it's down before you start?

2) majority rule. when everybody is home, the "balance of forces," as it were, stands at 5 guys to 1 girl. said girl should either: a) put the seat up when she's done, in consideration of the five guys who would have to do so, or b) at least not complain when we leave it up. in case of a tie, the advantage should go to the female, out of politeness.