i never thought i'd say this, but the yankees got screwed. with two outs in the top of the eighth, willie bloomquist stole second. except for the part where he was out by about a foot. so either the umpire is a huge fan of bloomquist, or he had a really horrible angle on it. willie would go on to score on a single by kenji johjima, tying the game. the yankees were unable to score in the bottom of the eighth, and then with two outs in the top of the ninth, adrian beltre hit a solo shot to put the mariners up by one, and j.j. putz was able to shut down the yankees in the bottom of the ninth to give the mariners the win.

everything changed with "the stolen base that wasn't." if bloomquist was called out and nothing else changed, beltre wouldn't even have batted in the ninth, and the mariners would have lost. i'm glad when the mariners win (and when the yankees lose), but i much prefer it to be a legitimate victory.