more from card

this time, an article about mitt romney. like everything i've seen from card so far, it is well worth reading. card seems worried that anti-mormon bigotry will sink any chance romney had of winning the whitehouse, and that romney's running could actually hurt the mormon church. there are, of course, a lot of people out there who think mormons are a bit kooky; i'm one of them. but in my experience, mormons also tend to be excellent examples of "good people."

my complaint against romney is not his religious beliefs, but his continued support of "romneycare." that's one step too close to socialized healthcare--probably one of the worst ideas ever, even worse than american cheese--for my taste, so i'll have a very hard time voting for him in the primaries. giuliani lost my vote when he came out in favor of publicly funded abortions, and mccain was a no-go from the start, which pretty much knocks the "big three" in the GOP out of the race as far as i'm concerned. i like what i've heard from fred thompson so far, but i really don't know enough about him to decide to pull for him yet. and unless zell miller decides to run, and the dems actually nominate him, there's no way i'm voting democrat. there is, of course, over a year left before any of this really matters, so all of the candidates have plenty of time to either redeem themselves or dig deeper holes.