... of the day

*unbiased statement [paraphrased] of the day: "you need 3 servings of dairy a day for strong bones, and lots of essential nutrients. this message brought to you by the diary farmers of washington."
*ummm... duh? statement of the day: "enraged wraith becomes enraged!"

i had a lot more of these when i originally planned the post, so i'll probably update it later as i remember them.


here's another one i remembered:

*statement (of the day) that most pissed me off: from a YWCA radio commercial: "imagine you're walking down the street, and you see a group of mexicans and another group of americans fighting, over something as simple as the color of their skin."
1) "another group of americans"? where was the first one? so far you've identified one group of mexicans, and one of americans.
2) odds are they're not fighting over skin color, but over the fact that the mexicans: a) are probably here illegally, and b) don't speak much english.