well, i broke down and paid at an internet cafe. in my defense, i just wanted to email my family and let them know i was still alive. i'd like to write more about what's going on, but i'm running out of time, so i'm just gonna make a few quick updates.

1) it would really suck to attack edinburgh castle
2) if it's not already there, vodka with lemonade goes into the "good" category, and mead should be added to the "decent" category. tastes a bit too much like wine, but with a very nice honey aftertaste.
3) walking is not as much fun as it sounds. i have walked a ridiculous amount of miles on this trip, and my feet/legs are starting to get rather pissed at me.
4) alcohol travels through your system way too fast, so my bladder is also pissed at me. which means it's time for me to leave and pee. farewell all.