well, i'm finally finished. it was pretty crazy, but my fairly large research paper--the biggest i've done, at least--is done. 16 pages on the sons of liberty... it was actually kinda fun learning about them. writing, on the other hand.... so originally, i thought the paper was due today; last day of finals, it made sense. i found out on wednesday, however, that it was actually due on tuesday. luckily the prof was really cool about it, and i was able to turn it in this morning. there was another kinda freaky moment in the typing though. i also originally thought that it had to be 18 pages, and was a little worried when i ran out of notes about half way through page 15. but then i turned to the syllabus again (a friend was trying to talk me into using the font "courier new" to take up more space, and i wanted to see if that would work). the syllabus didn't say, but while i was looking, i noticed that the paper only had to be 15 pages. i turned off the bull-sh*t-o-meter, wrote a conclusion, and spent the rest of the night playing lord of the rings RISK and watching independence day. now, all that remains is to clean my room.